Accessing Salary: Now at the fingertips

On-Demand Salary

Employees can immediately access their earned wages for the days worked in that particular pay cycle, and transfer it to their bank account or top up their Jify Salary Card at their convenience and choice.
We provide them with the required advance without burdening the company cash flow.

This is completely interest-free for your employees.
It’s their money, made available to them.

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Better engagement. Better retention. Better talent acquisition.
with Zero Cost and no Admin Hassle!

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of employees want access to their earned salaries
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Why choose On-Demand Salary?


Accessible to all

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Zero cost-to-company

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No admin burden

It’s the employee benefit,
that HR enjoys!

Multiple go-live models

Jify offers several go-live models, making it completely your choice!

Simple implementation


100% compliant
and secure

Empowering employees made easy

Track finances easily

Real-time countdown to the next payday leads to increased motivation at work

Instant salary access

Quick access to their earned wage, whenever needed

Smart financial planning

Better control over unplanned expenses

No more bad debt

Prevention from high-interest debt cycle

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RS brothers - one of the largest retail chains in South India - saves over 30 hours per month of admin hassle and ensures financial freedom in a Jify!

Quick access to salary

Company signs up with Jify

Employees complete one-time KYC and request salary advance via Jify app

Jify credits employee's account or Jify Salary Card instantly

Employers repay Jify via monthly payroll

Financial Freedom in a Jify

Salary Top Up

Extend employees up to 5x of their monthly salary to help with financial obligations

Jify Salary Card

Employees get free access to their salary on-demand while enjoying savings with every swipe

Money Manager

Financial guidance for all your employee’s financial needs

Easily provide services that change people’s lives

Jify is one of the fastest-growing On-Demand Salary partners in India providing a seamless experience for employees and employers alike!

Frequently asked questions

What is meant by earned salary or on-demand salary?

Earned salary or on-demand salary is the amount of your salary that an individual has accrued from one payroll date to the next. For example, if Raj has a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000 and if he got paid on Day 30 of Month 1, on Day 15 of Month 2, he can access 15 days of his salary i.e. Rs. 7,500.

Yes, as long as a corporate/ company partners with Jify, employees can access salary whenever needed, based on convenience.

This varies between 50% to 100% based on the limit and rules set by the employer. Jify follows these strictly to ensure complete adherence to the employer’s policies.

On-demand salary can be streamed directly into the employee’s salary bank account. This can then be loaded to Jify Benefits and Salary Card via UPI if desired.