Build fundamentals of sound financial decisions

Money Manager
Living paycheck to paycheck is hard.
But what’s harder is trying to build your savings without the right tools or knowledge!
Jify’s Money Manager enables your employees to start saving towards a brighter financial future.

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money manager

Why choose Money Manager?

Many Indians feel stressed about money matters because there is a dire lack of knowledge regarding finances. This lack of awareness often leads to making poor financial decisions. In 2023, Indian household debt, when measured against the overall economy, increased to 37.6% of GDP.

Money Manager by Jify helps employees build fundamental financial knowledge to avoid debt traps and become financially independent!

Money Manager with Jify includes

Financial Stress Test

Financial Stress Test

DIY Basic Financial Planner

1-on-1 Certified Planners

Financial Counselling

Financial Coaching

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Savings tools

Financial Literacy that makes a difference!

Money Manager helps your employees build their financial health

Freedom from high-interest loans

with smarter financial planning and easy-to-use savings tools

Simplify tax management

through proper guidance with financial coaching and planners

Plan for unexpected expenses

by preparing for a rainy day with informed decisions

Future-proof investments

by making investments that are relevant and beneficial in the long run

Save for tomorrow

by providing a customisable roadmap for retirement

Manage Daily Expenses

through proper budget planning and financial guidance

Futureproof your employees’
Financial Wellness today!

Frequently asked questions

What is Money Manager?
At Jify, we believe financial wellness starts at the foundational block of financial literacy and awareness. Seeing as the majority of the Indian workforce is not aware of the basics of financial planning, Jify offers Money Manager to the employees of its corporate partners to cover all financial queries they might have, no matter how big or small, while providing them with tools to build a solid foundational understanding for managing their finances.

Yes and no.
Jify offers all of its financial wellness suite offerings to the partner. The partner in turn can pick and choose what offerings they would be comfortable rolling out to their employees.

Jify has a 24/7 helpline number available for any query that an individual might have, whether it is about tax planning or just understanding the possible savings options they might have.

In addition to the helpline, Jify hosts regular in-depth webinars and coaching sessions for its partners, in order to help build financial knowledge amongst the employees on all things finances!