There’s a reason why over 79% of employees feel more content with their employer

And it’s all got to do with money!
The financial equation between an employer and employee directly affects the employee's sentiment.
So why not make it a positive one?

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Jify is trusted by 180+ leading companies across industries

User adoption as seen across industries

Jify has saved 180+ companies over ₹50 Crores per annum in retention savings and disbursed over ₹200 Crores as salary advances to employees in need

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See how Lenskart is meeting all their advance salary requests with Zero HR Hours!

Be the workplace that truly cares!

Empower your employees to experience work and life with no financial stress with Jify’s holistic Financial Wellness platform.
The result?
Happier and more productive employees.
Show your employees you care, where it makes a difference!

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Why choose Jify?

On-demand Salary

Employees can access their earned wages through hassle-free transactions, whenever they need


Employees can save on everyday items by accessing personalised deals in the Rewards section of the app

Smart Savings

Make it easy for employees to save through micro-savings tools such as digital gold, while also reaping the benefits of 1-on-1 personal financial coaching sessions

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Employees not only get free access to their on-demand, but also enjoy big discounts and cashback on every swipe

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