Enable On-Demand Salaries.
Be the Company In Demand.

Enable On-Demand Salaries. Be the Company In Demand.

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Over 70% of the Indian workforce lives paycheck to paycheck

Meet Raj, a hardworking employee…
Although Raj is dedicated towards his job, his productivity has been impacted lately due to financial difficulties. Having asked his employer and colleagues for help once, he feels hesitant to do so again and is now demotivated at work due to his financial issues.

But what if there was a simple and zero-investment solution that could safeguard Raj’s financial wellness and increase her productivity at work, all while removing the stigma of “having to ask”?

Introducing Jify’s FINANCIAL WELLNESS PLATFORM, where employees can

Access their earned salary anytime, anywhere

Make repayments at their own pace with flexi-repayment

Keep a real-time countdown to the next payday for smart financial planning

Spend smarter with the Jify Salary and Benefits Card

Save better with micro-savings tools and personalised rewards

Here's how it helps employers to invest in their employees' financial wellness:

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Faster hiring

Meet your employees’ financial needs in a Jify
Get started in just four easy steps

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Employee Financial Wellness

Join our rapidly growing community that is relentlessly working towards making a difference!

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About Jify

At Jify, we enable you to empower your employees with their money, when they need it. With us, you partner with the ultimate tool for improving employee financial wellness, in turn improving your engagement and retention rates.

Jify integrates seamlessly with attendance and payroll systems or provides offline go-live modality. Once onboarded, Jify provides real-time on-demand salary access to employees, with additional financial wellness tools (as decided by the employer/ corporate).

We do not impact the employer’s working capital. Jify’s financing partners advance the money to the employees directly and hence, there is no risk exposure to the employer.

It takes anywhere between 3-5 days, but can vary for some corporates. Jify provides a dedicated team for every employer to ensure a seamless experience.

Simply put – no.
Our proprietary system integrates seamlessly with your payroll software allowing you to continue operating as if nothing had changed.

We offer full flexibility to employees to manage their finances while offering educational and learning tools to promote best practices.
No more predatory loans, lengthy KYC processes and loan refusals.

None at all.
Partnering with Jify is completely free for the corporates and absolutely risk-free!