Make everyday YOUR payday

Jify App helps you manage your earnings, spending, and saving, all in one place.
Access your salary whenever you need while saving towards your financial goals.
Say Goodbye to the traditional payday and Hello to your salary, any day- with hassle-free, zero interest transaction!

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Why you will love Jify

A simple app to instantly access, track, save and manage your pay

Get paid early - No interest cost⁤

No lengthy application process

Save small, with bigger returns

Financial advice for building your learning

Start building your credit score

Your financial freedom is in your hands

On-demand Salary

No need to struggle from one paycheck to the next. Access your salary whenever you need.

How it works Your Financial Freedom is In Your Hands
salary top up

Salary Top Up

Facing a money crunch?
Access more than your earned salary with a click of a button!

Jify Salary card

Spend smarter and save faster with the Jify Salary card.
Accessing salary on demand for free while saving with every swipe is now a reality!

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Everyday needs, at prices made just for you!
Enjoy making spends that help you save with personalised rewards.

Pocket Insurance

Protection against day-to-day mishaps with financial coverage plans to meet all your needs
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How it works Digital Gold

Digital Gold

Build your savings with digital gold!
Own digital gold in small amounts for future savings, with an easy option of converting to physical gold

Money Manager

Educate yourself with the fundamentals of financial literacy for smart financial planning
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How Jify works

Get started with easy steps.

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Spreading smiles by a million!

Jify focuses on building long-term financial stability for the employed workforce by making smart spending, savings and financial literacy accessible to all.

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