SHRM in association with Jify is proud to present the whitepaper:

Financial Wellness: The fulcrum of a successful employee engagement Strategy

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An overview of the whitepaper:

Dynamics of Future Hybrid Work Models

Understanding the shift in work models as we know it and evaluating the future plan of action in organizations at large.

Financial Wellness at Play
Deep-diving into the nuances of employees’ financial wellness and the need of the hour through a business case.
360-Degree Implementation Strategy
Laying the groundwork for a holistic strategic plan not only helps in creating a basis for financial wellness models but also helps in a hyper-personalization approach.
Industry Insights

Insights into how organizations have geared up to increase the overall wellness of their employees through hyper-personalized programs.

Download the white paper to access the core concerns of the Indian workforce, and a step-by-step process to introduce a financial wellness program.

98% of over 600 participants believe that financial stability has a strong impact on mental well-being at the workplace.”