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With Jify, you no longer have to wait for the end of the month to get paid. If you are facing a cash shortage and need money instantly, you can simply access your salary via Jify - no interest cost, no paperwork and hassle free repayment by your company

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Early salary access
Early salary access
Why you’ll love Jify
A simple app to instantly access, track, save and manage your pay
Get paid early - No interest cost⁤
Instant access to your earned salary for FREE
No lengthy application process
Powered by your HR - no documents needed
Easy savings tool
Jify's smart saving tools help you get great returns to secure you future
Start building your credit score
On-time repayments by the employer, No high-risk credit, No Annual fees or security deposits - Avoid debt traps
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Get paid earlyGet paid earlyGet paid earlyGet paid early
Tell your employer you want on-demand pay
Your employer can integrate with jify easily and at no cost. Let them know you'd like earned waged access by getting in touch with us.
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Get paid early

Four easy steps

Hassle free repayment by your company
🎉That's it... your money is instantly transferred into your account & your company will settle the advance with us at the end of every month

What people think about us

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I am able to repay my child's education loan EMI on time, irrespective of my salary day. Because of the Jify card, I don’t have to worry about this anymore.
Information Technology Co. – 1000+ employees
Software Developer
Jify Video Image
Thanks to Jify, I no longer need to borrow money from my brother every month for my timely EMI payments.
Quick Service Restaurant Co. – 6000+ employees
Kitchen Crew
Jify Video Image
The Jify app is a great offering from our HR team. We can break-up the repayment over three months which is very convenient for me.
Retail co. – 4500+ employees
Store Sales executive
Jify Video Image
This month there were lots of expenses as we have Christmas celebrations coming up. Needed ₹5,000/- earlier, so I got it from Jify.
Business Process Outsourcing Co. – 6000+ employees
Technical Executive
Jify Video Image
This is a great offering, my EMIs come due before I get paid and I have to always borrow so that my cheque doesn’t bounce.
Facilities Management Co. – 10000+ employees
Sr. Helpdesk Executive
Jify Video Image
My credit card due date was coming and my salary would come after 10 days only. So I used Jify to pay the bill.
Manufacturing Co. – 8000+ employees
Plant Supervisor

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Jify focuses on building long-term financial wellness for the employed workforce via multiple tools for easy budgeting, tracking and financial coaching.
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