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70%+ of the Indian workforce live paycheck to paycheck

Meet Jaya, a hardworking employee…

Although Jaya loves her job, her productivity has been impacted as of late due to financial difficulties. Having asked her employer for help once, she feels hesitant to do so again and is now distracted at work due to her financial stress.

But what if there was a simple and zero-investment solution that could safeguard Jaya's financial wellness and increase her productivity at work, all while removing the stigma of "having to ask."

With the help of a holistic financial wellness platform, Jaya can access her salary before payday, spend wisely, and save with smarter money management tools. This will reduce financial stress, motivate her to achieve her goals and help her live her best life.

A financially secure Jaya is a happier, more productive and loyal employee!

Is financial stress infront-line workers straining your bottom line?


of employees state they are distracted at work due to financial stress


of employees resort to emergency borrowing via high-cost payday loans


of the Indian workforce live paycheck to paycheck and resort to high-interest credit

Learn why more and more industries are adopting Financial Wellness in India. Read our whitepaper co-powered by SHRM
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The fastest way to business success:
Financial wellness for employees!

So how can you help Jaya — and other employees like her?

The fastest way to business’ success: Empowering employees financially.

With Jify’s FINANCIAL WELLNESS PLATFORM, employees can
Access their earned salary any day
Enjoy flexi repayment on salary advance
Track their earnings & spending
Spend smarter with cashback & rewards
 Save with better money management
Here’s how it pays off to invest in your employees’ financial security:


higher employee satisfaction


improved retention


faster hiring

Meet your employees’ financial needs in a Jify!

Onboard Jify as your financial wellness partner
An easy plug-n-play model, Jify integrates effortlessly with your HRMS
Your employees download the app and start accessing their earned salaries
At the end of the salary cycle, Jify gets paid via the regular payroll process

It’s what we call a win-win situation!

How employers win
Attract talent & reduce employee attrition
via on-demand salary
Improve employee productivity
by eliminating financial stress
Track employee financial health
via Jify’s employer dashboard
Make payrolls a breeze
with month-end repayment to Jify
Zero-cost plug and play
compatible with your HRMS
Seamless platform experience
with on-demand support
How employees win
Get paid early - no interest charges
Instant access to earned salary for FREE
No lengthy application process
Powered by your HR - no documents needed
Save smartly with Jify’s tools
Secure great returns for the future - Enjoy cashbacks and benefits
Start building your credit score
Flexible EMIs, on-time repayments by the employer, no high-risk credit, no annual fees or security deposits - avoid debt traps
Gain financial assistance
1 on 1 coaching with 24/7 helpline
In-person training on financial literacy
Partnered with SEBI registered financial advisors & CAs

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See how Jify is changing the game for employers and employees alike

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Request a demo to see how you can help your employees take control of their finances - and their future.

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Learn more about Jify

Super quick introduction: At Jify, we enable you to empower your employees with their money, when they need it. With us, you partner with the ultimate tool for improving talent retention, employee engagement, and financial wellness.

Have questions? Get answers in a Jify!

How can I raise my issue or complaint, if I face any problem with the application or payment processing?

You can call the Jify representative for your company or email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Can I withdraw money from the Jify prepaid card?

Yes, the Jify physical card can be used to withdraw cash from 1.5Lakh + atms in the country

What is the Jify card?

Once you have completed the one-time ekyc, you will be able to view your Jify Rupay digital prepaid card details and make purchases with any online merchants of your choice. This card is similar to any online debit card with an entire suite of benefits.

Do I have to repay my advance all at once?

No, Jify gives you the option to repay your advance by way of 3 fixed EMIs. But this option is available only if the employer chooses to avail this facility for its employees

How do I repay my salary advance?

You can sit back and RELAX. Repayment of your advance is via your employer i.e. your employer deducts the advance amount due from your month end salary and pays it to Jify. The balance salary amount is credited to your bank a/c

How long does it take after I take a salary advance?

It is instant

Where can I access my salary?

You can take your salary advance into your salary bank account or the Jify card. The Jify card can be used for spending at your favourite points of sale like any normal debit card.

What portion of my salary is available for me to withdraw?

This varies between based on inputs from your employer.

Is it available to everyone?

Yes, as long as your employer has partnered with Jify, you can access your salary whenever you choose.

How will Earned Salary Access or Earned Wage Access work for my employees?

Let's assume that you have been working on your money management, but perhaps you went a little bit over budget for the month. Electricity bill is due on Monday, but you won’t get paid till Friday. You're set to overdraft if money doesn't hit your account soon. This is where Jify comes in to help you take your own earned salary when you need it urgently. Think of it as a parachute, helping you land safely at the end of the month.

The Salary Advance product was designed to break the 30-day pay-cycle, so when you find yourself in a financial emergency or simply need an injection for a quick holiday, you can Jify.

For example, if you were last paid on Day 15 of Month 1, and you need money on Day 20 of Month 1, you can go to Jify and it will allow you to access your earned salary for 5-days of your hard work.

How can my employees access Jify?

It's a simple 3 step process:

1. Employees have to download the Jify app
2. Enter their employee details & KYC
3. Select the amount they want to withdraw and Confirm.

The funds are transferred to their account in real time

Do users need to pay interest?


What data security & privacy measures does Jify have in place?

Currently, Your employees’ data is safe and secure behind firewalls. Jify does not share your employees’ data with any third party for commercial purposes.

How soon can Jify go live with an employer / corporate?

It takes anywhere between 3-5 days, but can vary for some corporates. Jify provides a dedicated team for every employer to ensure a seamless experience.

How does it work?

Jify integrates seamlessly with attendance and payroll systems and leverages this data to provide real-time earned salary access to employees. We do not impact the employer’s working capital. Jify’s financing partners advance the money to the employees directly and hence, there is no risk exposure to the employer.

Earned Salary Access (ESA) or On-demand salary – what is it?

It is a service which helps employers enable employees to access a portion of their earned income real-time before payday. The advance amount is repaid to Jify (i.e. Service provider) on payday, while the balance amount is credited to employees as per the standard payroll process.

Is this going to add additional workload to finance/payroll?

Simply put – no. Our proprietary system integrates seamlessly with your payroll software allowing you to continue operating as if nothing had changed.

How are you different from the other lenders in the market?

We offer full flexibility to employees to manage their finances while offering educational and learning tools to promote best practices. No more predatory loans, lengthy KYC processes and loan refusals.

Are there costs to the company for offering Jify?


What are the charges for earned salary access?

Jify does not charge any interest to the employee since this is not a loan. There is a nominal per transaction processing fee as low as Rs. 5

Security and support you can trust

Data security
Tested and secured by top agency -Appknox
Regulatory compliances
Compliant with Reserve Bank of India guidelines
Information security
ISO 27001- Certified for highest data security